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Our Approach

Building Generational Wealth one Family at a time


More Than Models

Your investment approach should be more than just your age and your risk tolerance plugged into a software model.  We believe in highly customized portfolios. We layer stocks,  bonds, and funds to align with our client’s long term goals. 


We actively manage to market conditions. Trimming risk into euphoria and adding risk into despair. 


We deploy advanced strategies for tax gain/lost harvesting to minimize tax implications across your all of your asset holdings.

Access Our Trading Desk

Does your advisor simple deploy new capital into broad based passive funds at the current market price based on preset allocations?  In our view, that is not the way to reduce risk and generate above market returns. 


Bradford Capital’s Asset Trading Desk provides our client’s institutional trading strategies that are only found at the largest funds, including….


  • Scaling into and out of positions to take advantage of market dislocations.

  • Employ hedging strategies to mitigate market risk and position concentration.

  • Layering Unit Investment Trusts to optimize Tax implications


Strength Begins at the Core

Every investor needs a strong foundation. Bradford Capital’s Strong Foundation Portfolio Series of funds provides just that.


The goal of the funds are to choose companies with strong market positions that possess the

following qualities:


• Strong Balance Sheets


• Solid Returns on Invested Capital


• Consistent Sales and Earnings Growth


• Skilled Management


• Ability to Maintain the Above Characteristics in the Future

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