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Strong Foundation Portfolio
Ticker: FSYZMX

Our Core Fund

Choosing stocks can be a difficult task for an individual investor. Many investors do not have access to the necessary resources it takes to do in-depth research and analysis. When evaluating stocks, research analysts use many different metrics, such as price-to-earnings ratio, debt-toequity ratio, return on equity, and dividend yield, to name a few. Of course, research analysts also take into account the markets, current economic conditions and their thoughts about the future prospects for a stock.

Strong Foundation Portfolio Series

The Strong Foundation Portfolio contains a selection of equities that are believed to be strong companies based on several factors, and include businesses that are innovative, are flexible enough to react to changing conditions in their given marketplace and which have a record of investment growth. We select securities that we believe should be a “core” holding in an investor’s allocation.

Portfolio Characteristics

The goal of the portfolio is to choose companies with strong market positions that possess the following qualities:

• Strong Balance Sheets

• Solid Returns on Invested Capital

• Consistent Sales and Earnings Growth

• Skilled Management

• Ability to Maintain the Above Characteristics in the Future

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